In 2018, as a 100M SPRINTER I placed fourth in a 5k race of over 2000 participants, although long distance running is not my field of sports, I love ❤️ short sprints (100meters) more than middle or long distances.

I had been out of shape and it had been 2 years since I last took part in a track or outdoor competition. So I decided to sign up for the #fitfest 5k race with just 10 days of training and I placed 4th.

I must say it was tough running with the elite runners. At 2000 meters of the race I was leading then shortly I couldn’t hold the pace, then I realize the principles of success took preeminence.

There are no shortcuts to success, no matter how brilliant your ideas may be…I was competing with folks who have spent years running all their life.

Coach Ojoi
My Lesson from these experience was if you want anything meaningful in life, pay the price of time, patience, mentorship, consistency, good habits, tears, and money…. that's all it takes! Share on Twitter
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